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AirDog 2 Micron Replacement Filter Set

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Product Application: AirDog, AirDog II and AirDog II 4G Diesel Fuel Pumps
Manufacturer: Fleetguard
Item Number: ADFS2
Manufacturer Part No: ADFS2

Condition: New

AirDog 2 Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Set contains 1 Fleetguard FF5613 2 Micron Fuel Filter and 1 Fleetguard FS19768 Fuel Water Separator Filter. The AirDog Fuel Filter Set replacement interval is 15,000 to 30,000 miles or the first bad load of fuel. Having a spare set of these diesel fuel filters for your AirDog fuel system will save you allot of time and trouble. READ MORE >>

PureFlow AirDog 2 Micron Filter Set                                           



AirDog - AirDog II - AirDog II 4G 2 Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Set

The Pureflow AirDog Replacement Filter Set - 2 Micron filter sets contains:

  • 1 Fleetguard FF5613 - 2 Micron Fuel Filter
  • 1 Fleetguard FS19594 -  20 Micron Fuel Water Separator

The Fleetguard Direct Replacement 2 Micron Fuel Filter Set applications:

  • AirDog Fuel Preporator
  • AirDog II Fuel Preporator
  • AirDog II 4G Fuel Preporator

AirDog 2 Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Set Specifications:

The 2 Micron Fleetguard FF5613 Fuel Filter is a direct replacement for the AirDog Fuel Air Separation Systems. This diesel fuel filter contains the Stratapore Media. The Fleetguard FS19594 Fuel Water separator rated at 20 Microns and removes entrained water from your diesel fuel.

The AirDog 2 Micron rated filter set change intervals are:

  • 15,000 to 30,000 miles.
  • Ensure the proper fuel flow and pressure by regularly servicing this fuel filter.
  • The AirDog Replacement Filter Set change interval is dependent upon type and quality of fuel used.
  • The use of Bio-Diesel or Waste Vegetable Oil will reduce the change interval of this Replacement Filters Set.

Never travel without having a spare set of Airdog filters in your truck. You will be glad you have them if you ever get a bad load of diesel fuel.

Replacement 2 Micron Filter Set for the Pureflow AirDog Fuel Systems.

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