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Baja Designs 613600 Squadron Pro & Sport S2 Wiring Harness

Your Price: $61.70

Product Application: Select Baja Designs LED and HID Lights
Manufacturer: Baja Designs
Item Number: BD 363600
Manufacturer Part No: 613600

Condition: New

The Baja Designs 613600 Baja Designs Universal Wiring Harness provides a simple, clean, weather proof and secure way to provide power to your Baja Designs Lighting. This harness is rated at a 3 light, 325 watt maximum draw harness. READ MORE >>

Baja Designs 613600 Baja Designs LED/HID Universal Wiring Harness

The Baja Designs 61-3600 LED and HID Universal Wiring Harness

This Baja Designs 613600 Universal Wiring Harness is designed to work on every series of lights made by Baja Designs.

  • Fuego
  • Squadron
  • Squadron II
  • Squadron Pro
  • S2 Pro
  • PreRunner
  • Lapaz

This 613600 Universal Wiring Harness features:

  • Allows you to simply, cleanly and quickly wire the Baja Designs lights you have on your vehicles.
  • Constructed using quality components such as Weather Pack Connectors with Three Two-Pin Connectors to seal out the elements.
  • Will supply power to the lights and allow integration to the trucks high beam circuit.
  • Allows you to run three lights off of one harness.
  • Control up to 4 lights with this wiring harness when used in conjunction with the Baja Designs 613610 Splitter Kit.
  • Supplies power to the lights directly from the batteries
  • The harness allows integration to the trucks high beam circuit Iight.
  • On-Off Switch Kit.
  •  It also includes splice connectors in the event you wanted to trigger the lights via your high beam.
  • Built to accommodate most truck, buggies, cars and UTV's.
  • Will safely accommodate a maximum draw of 325 watts

The 613600 Plug and Play Wiring Harness allows for fast and simple installation of the Squadron Pro, Sport, S2 Led Lights on your vehicle.

 The Baja Designs Wiring Harnesses are MADE IN THE USA!