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Baja Designs 620248 PreRunner Black Rock Guard

Your Price: $11.85

Product Application: Extra Protection For Your PreRunner HID lighting.
Manufacturer: Baja Designs
Item Number: BD 62-0248
Manufacturer Part No: 62-0248

In Stock and Ready To Ship
Condition: New

Baja Designs 6202486 PreRunner HID light black rock guard is the perfect snap on the light cover designed to protect the lens of your Baja Designs Light. READ MORE >>

Baja Designs 620248 PreRunner 6" HID Light Black Rock Guard




Baja Designs Pre-Runner 6" HID Light Black Rock Guard

The PreRunner 6"  HID light is the perfect blend of size and high performance lighting upgrades when it comes to race or plays high performance lighting. This 62-0248 Baja Designs Black Rock Guard is cheap insurance used to protect the 6" glass lens of your HID light. This rock guard is a must have an item to protect your Lights from flying debris on the street or off road.

Reasons to purchase a Baja Designs 620248 PreRunner Rockguard:

  • The Baja Designs PreRunner Rock Guard is cheap insurance to protect the glass lens.
  • These protective rock guards will protect your HID Light from the flying debris you will encounter.
  • Since these Protective Covers is made of plastic, it can protection against flying debris.
  • These Rock Guards offer the light protection you want when on the street or off road.
  • The Baja Designs LaPaz Rock Guard is far cheaper than buying a new replacement 6" glass lens for your Lapaz Light
  • The PreRunner Racelight Rock Guard is designed for daytime use.
  • This snap-on cover is designed for the protection of the lens from dust and dirt.
  • If you are looking for extra protection from your riding environments and a cool cover, then the Black Rock Guard is your answer!

Baja Designs manufactures the High Quality Off Road Lighting available.


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