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Baja Designs 668002 Squadron Series LED Amber Light Cover

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Product Application: All Baja Designs Squadron Series LED Lights
Manufacturer: Baja Designs
Item Number: BD 668002
Manufacturer Part No: 668002

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Condition: NEW

These Baja Designs 668002 LED Amber light cover protects your investment. Install a pair of Amber Rock Guards to increase the usability of your LED lights in low visibility conditions and insure a long issue free life for your Baja Designs Squadron Series LED lights. READ MORE >>

668002 Squadron Amber Rock Guard

These Baja Designs Squadron Amber rock guard is a protective cover that offers the additional protection you need for your LED lights.

The Baja Designs 668002 Amber Rock Guard applications:

  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport
  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro

The Squadron Amber Rock Guard rock guard benefits

  • Is designed to provide a cover and a shield from the dust, debris and pesky rocks the hit your LED lights.
  • Provides increased usability in Snow, Fog, and Silt.
  • Designed for both Daytime and Nightime use.

If you are looking for extra protection of your LED lights from your riding environments and a cool cover, then this Amber rock guard is your answer!

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