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Baja Designs LaPaz Rock Guard

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Product Application: Baja Designs LaPaz 8" HID Lights
Manufacturer: Baja Designs
Manufacturer Part No: BD 600040, 640041, 640042

Condition: New

The Baja Designs Lapaz Rock Guard is cheap insurance used to protect the 8" glass lens of your HID light. This is a must have item in order to protect your Lights from flying debris on the street or off road. READ MORE >>

<>Baja Designs Racelight LaPaz Rock Guard

Baja Designs LaPaz HID Racelight Rock Guards

Reasons to purchase a LaPaz HID Racelight Rockguard:

  • The Baja Designs LaPaz Rock Guard is cheap insurance to protect the glass lens of your Baja Designs 8" HID Light.
  • These protective rock guards will protect your HID Light from the flying debris you will encounter.
  • Since these Protective Covers is made of plastic or Lexan, it can protect against whatever is thrown at it.
  • These Rock Guards offers the protection you want when on the street or off the road.
  • The Baja Designs LaPaz Rock Guard is far cheaper than buying a new replacement 8" glass lens for your Lapaz Light
  • The Racelight Rock Guard is designed for daytime use, not only to protect from dust and dirt but to protect from harsh terrain that may throw pesky rocks at your LaPaz lights.
  • If you are looking for extra protection from your riding environments and a cool cover, then the LaPaz Rock Guard is your answer!

The Baja Designs LaPaz 8" Race Light Rock Guard Cover Options:

  • Baja Designs 600040 LaPaz Black Rock Guard is made from ABS plastic.
  • Baja Designs 600041 LaPaz Race Light Clear Lexan Rock Guard
  • Baja Designs 600042 LaPaz Race Light Amber Lexan Rock Guard for increased visibility in foggy or dusty conditions.             

Baja Designs Race Light Lapaz Rock Guard features:

  • Designed for Daytime or Nighttime use as a protective lens cover
  • Offers protection from dust, dirt, and roost!
  • Protects from rocks or road hazards which hit your 8" Lapaz Lights.
  • Serves as a proper black light cover for law enforcement compliance.
  • Designed to snap on over the entire 8" glass lens.
  • Easy on Easy off installation or removal.

It is far cheaper to purchase a Lapaz Rock Guard then it is to replace a cracked, broken or damaged lens!