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Baja Designs PreRunner 6" HID Black

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Product Application: Any vehicle requiring High Power HID lighting.
Manufacturer: Baja Designs
Item Number: BD Pre-Runner 6" HID Light
Manufacturer Part No: Pre-Runner 6" HID Light

Condition: New


Baja Designs 6" PreRunner HID light is the perfect blend of size and performance that you need for race or play. The Baja Designs Pre-Runner 6 HID Lights are now available in a Spot Beam or Driving Beam pattern to meet your exact lighting needs. READ MORE >>

Baja Designs PreRunner 6" HID Light Spot, Driving

Baja Designs Pre-Runner 6" HID Light

The PreRunner 6"  HID light is the perfect blend of size and high performance lighting upgrades when it comes to race or play. The 6" HID PreRunner light is available in two different beam patterns to meet your needs.

Baja Designs Pre-Runner 6" HID Light options:

  • Baja Designs 613260 Pre-Runner, 6" HID Driving offers a 35-degree field of view that provides a shorter range and wider field of view. The Driving beam pattern not only projects deep into the night but is smooth and wide offering good coverage when cornering. 
  • Baja Designs 613265 Pre-Runner, 6" HID Spot bean offers a 10-degree field of view that provides a longer and narrow range field of view. The Spot beam pattern gives you the distance coverage you need for high speed runs when you're passing the 65 mph mark. 

Baja Designs 6" PreRunner HID Light Attributes:

  • No tool quick adjust feature.
  • Three-point vibration isolated mounting system -- once adjusted lights stay adjusted
  • Optics designed for a smooth, useful off-road pattern
  • Quick Mount, No tool installation of lighting "systems."
  • Lightweight 5th Generation HID ballast and bulb internally integrated
  • Developed by experienced off-road racers who also happen to be engineers
  • 35W HID
  • 5000K Color Temperature
  • 3.8Amp Constant Draw
  • 12-14v Input Voltage
  • Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Hardcoated Polycarbonate Lens
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Simple 2-Wire Weatherpack Connector
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