Bell Performance

Bell Performance


Gasoline, Oil and Diesel Additives Provide Superior Engine Performance and Protection

Bell Performance has been making fuel additives and oil additives for more than 100 years to fix the all too common fuel and lubrication problems we see today.

Bell Performance provides outstanding products, superior service and global opportunities which benefit our customers, our employees, and the world. Bell Performance manufactures quality treatments for ethanol, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and power plant fuels (heavy fuel oil and coal) that solve problems and give users outstanding value and return on their investment.

Bell Performance developed the first known fuel additive on record in United States history, back in 1909. Bell Performance exports premium quality products to over 16 countries worldwide, as well as offering these products through a qualified distributor system within the United States. KLM Performance offers this product line to virtually any destination in the world.

Customers who use these premium fuel additives range from commercial and non-commercial consumers and entities, large and small. Drivers and consumers wrestling with the damaging effects of E10 and E15 ethanol blended fuels. City governments looking for cost savings on tight fleet budgets. Power plants seeking to keep their boilers and expensive equipment in service and running smoothly. Fuel handlers dealing with costly fuel storage issues. Truck fleets trying to prevent or solve fuel related problems.

Bell Performance offers many different fuel additives to treat fuel problems associated with:

Our customers know they can trust Bell Performance - Because Bell Performance products solve your fuel related and lubrication problems. The best way to increase the performance and efficiency of your engine is to use Bell Performance products on a regular basis.

The Bell Performance Fuel Additives, Diesel Additives, and Oil Additives are proudly MADE IN THE USA!

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