1. Intake Air Temperature Sensor IAT sensor

    The Intake Air Temperature / IAT sensor measures the temperature of the incoming air charge in the engines intake manifold. The IAT Sensor relays this measurement to the ECM or Engine Control Module. The ECM then uses the data taken by the IAT sensor to set fuel injection timing and adjust the air-fuel ratio. If your diesel engine performance has decreased, it could be related to a dirty or fouled IAT Sensor.

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  2. Bell Performance ATX-942 Improves the Performance of your Heating Oil and Furnace Operation

    Heating Oil Fuel Treatment With Bell Performance ATX-942

    Heating Oil and oil fired heating systems require regular maintenance to function at their best and minimize fuel-related performance problems. The use of ATX-942 with its positive effects on oil-fired boiler heating systems provides improved efficiency and a cleaner running furnace. 

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