FASS 95 Series Replacement Filter Set

FASS 95 Series Fuel Pump and early generation Titanium Series Replacement Filter Set. The replacement filter set contains the current versions of the FF-2003 3 Micron Fuel Filter and the FS-2001 20 Micron Water Separator Filter which are manufactured by Fleetguard. KLM Performance recommends you keep a spare set of the FASS 95 Series Replacement Filters with you at all times in your truck.

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FASS 95 Filter Set

FASS 95 Series / Titanium Series Fuel Pump Replacement Filter Set


  • 1 FASS FF-2003 Fuel Filter - 3 Micron fuel filter by Fleetguard
  • 1 FASS FS-2001 Water Separator Filter - 20 Micron fuel water separator filter by Fleetguard

These FASS FF-2003 and FASS FS-2001 are the replacement fuel filters for the FASS 95 and early versions of the FASS Titanium Series Pumps. These Diesel Filters are no longer available from FASS. We have now sourced these 95 Series fuel pump filters from the original manufacturer Fleetguard. Your replacement filter set will not have the FASS Logo on them but will be marked as Fleetguard filters. The Fleetguard Filters contained in this set meet the OEM filters filtration requirements.

FASS 95 Series Replacement Filter Specifications: The FASS FF-2003 offers the highest filtration level of 3 microns to preserve the integrity of your entire fuel injection system by removing the suspended contaminants from your diesel fuel. The FASS WS-2001 is a replacement water separator filter that filters at a 20 Micron level to removes the suspended and emulsified water in your diesel fuel.

KLM recommends regularly draining this FS-2001 water separator filter to remove the water contained within this filter. Periodically removing the water from this FS-2001 filter will help to prevent freeze ups in your vehicle fuel system during the winter months. For the best engine performance possible and to ensure the proper flow of fuel remember to change your FASS 95 Series and FASS Titanium Series filters at regular intervals. KLM Performance recommends keeping a spare set of FASS 95  Series Filters in your truck at all times. Order more than one set of FASS Replacement Filters for your fuel air separation system pump as discounts apply to quantity orders. Having a spare FASS 95 or Titanium Series filter set on hand will allow you to keep going when you should get a load of bad fuel.

NOTE: FASS has changed the filters used on the FASS 95 Series and Titanium Series Fuel Pumps many times. Please make sure that these are the filters that are on your FASS Fuel Air Separation System before ordering! Please call us at 203-210-7200 or Contact Us if you need help determining what FASS Filters you require!

The FASS 95 Series / Titanium Series Replacement Filter Set is MADE IN THE USA!

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EARLY FASS Titanium Series and FASS 95 Series Fuel Pumps
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FASS 95 Filter Set
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FASS 95 Filter Set
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