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FASS FF-3003 Titanium Fuel Filter 3 Micron

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Product Application: FASS Titanium Systems
Manufacturer: FASS
Item Number: FASS FF-3003
Manufacturer Part No: FASS FF-3003

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Condition: New

FASS FF-3003 Replacement Fuel Filter is a 3 Micron rated diesel fuel filter for FASS Titanium Series Fuel Systems. The FASS Fuel Filter removes more contaminants from your while providing the highest level of protection to your vehicle's entire fuel injection system. READ MORE >>

FASS FF-3003 Fuel Filter for the Titanium Series Fuel Pump

3 Micron Diesel Fuel Filter for the FASS Fuel System Replacement Filter for Fuel Air Separation Systems

The FASS FF-3003 is a 3 Micron Replacement Fuel Filter for following FASS Fuel Air Separation Systems:

  • FASS Titanium Series
  • FASS Titanium Series with the Grey Body

Fass FF-3003 Replacement Fuel Filter benefits:

  • The Titanium FF-3003 Offers the highest fuel filtration capabilities available.
  • This FASS diesel fuel filter removes suspended containments in your diesel fuel down to a 3 Micron level.
  • Preserves the integrity of your entire fuel injection system by removing unwanted contaminants.
  • Highest filtration level available for your FASS Fuel System.

NOTE: The use of Bio-Diesel, Vegetable Oil, and Blended Fuels can significantly reduce the life expectancy of your FASS fuel filters. FASS FF-3003 Replacement Fuel Filter Change intervals are between 15,000 to 30,000 miles based on Fuel Quality. Keeping a spare set of FASS Titanium Series Replacement Filters in your truck is far cheaper than calling for a tow.  

NOTE: Not for use with older FASS Platinum Series Pump (Single Filtered Unit). That unit requires the (FWS-3003) dual purpose fuel/water separator.

FASS FF-3003 Replacement Fuel Filter is MADE IN THE USAFASS FF-3003 3 MICRON Fuel Filter Replacement

What is the recommended change interval for this FASS Titanium Series FF-3003 fuel filter?
The fuel filter change interval is 15,000 to 30,000 miles. This interval is based upon the type of fuel and fuel quality used. A shorter change interval is recommended when running Bio-Diesel.

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