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FASS WH-1005 Wire Harness

Your Price: $68.40

Product Application: Ford and GM Diesels trucks.
Manufacturer: FASS
Item Number: FASS WH-1005
Manufacturer Part No: WH-1005

Condition: New

This FASS WH-1005 is the 12 Gauge Wire Replacement OEM FASS Wire Harness for the High Volume and High-Pressure FASS Pumps. This replacement wire harness is used primarily on the FASS Ford, GM, and High Volume Class 8 diesel applications. KLM Performance offers a Full Line of FASS Replacement Parts and Filters. READ MORE >>

FASS WH-1005 Replacement Wire Harness

The FASS WH-1005 is the heavy duty replacement wiring harness needed to install a high volume, high-pressure FASS pump.

This WH-1005 is the harness applications:

  • FASS systems designed for Ford trucks.
  • FASS systems designed for GM trucks.
  • Class 8 vehicles with High Flow rate fuel air separation systems.

The FASS WH-1005 Wire Harness Specifications:

  • Sold as a complete brand new FASS OEM replacement wire harness.
  • Wire Harness constructed of 14 gauge wire with relay and trigger.
  • Is a Replacement Wire Harness Assembly for the diesel fuel pumps manufactured by FASS.
  • The FASS WH-1005 is the 12 Gauge version of the WH-1002 Wire Harness.

KLM Performance stocks a full line of FASS replacement parts and filters.

FASS WH-1005 Wire Harness is MADE IN THE USA!   FASS WH-1005 Wire Harness