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Fleetguard CC2700 Coolant Sample Kit

Your Price: $275.00

Product Application: Antifreeze Analysis Test Kit
Manufacturer: Fleetguard
Item Number: FG CC2700
Manufacturer Part No: CC2700

Condition: New

This Cummins CC2700 Coolant Sample Kit from Fleetguard CC2525 includes all tests necessary to evaluate engine analysis of the suspended contaminants of your engines cooling fluid. This engine coolant test kit is approved for all types and makes of engines For an exact determination of true engine health take a sample. READ MORE >>

Cummins CC2700 Coolant Sample Analysis Test Kit

Monitoring the health of your engines coolant by submitting a sample for a complete analysis of the suspended contaminants. This kit provides a true analysis of engine heath for all motors! Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring long engine life.

The Fleetguard Chemical Coolant Sample Kit includes:

  • Container for collecting the coolant sample
  • Shipping bottle with mailing address label

This coolant sample analysis kit is a prepaid kit for sampling and testing the coolant for contaminants which can monitor internal engine condition.