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Fleetguard FS1007 Fuel Water Separator

Your Price: $37.98

Product Application: Fuel and Water Separator Filter for Cummins ISX, Cummins ISX15, and Cummins Signature Series
Manufacturer: Fleetguard
Item Number: FG FS1007
Manufacturer Part No: FS1007

Condition: New

The Fleetguard FS1007 Fuel/Water Separator uses the StrataPore media to filter diesel fuel at a 10 Micron rating. This Fleetguard FS1007 is Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and Bio-Diesel compatible Fuel/Water Separator filter. READ MORE >>

Fleetguard FS1007 Fuel / Water Separator

This Fleetguard FS1001 is a replacement Fuel and Water Separator that separates water from the fuel and removes significant contaminants while offering superior filtration levels than the FASS FS-1001 Water Separator. The Fleetguard FS1007 Fuel/Water Separator is a High-Efficiency Fuel and Water Separator containing the patented Stratapore Filter Media. This diesel fuel water separator filter is a Spin On diesel fuel filter with a 10 Micron Filtration rating. This diesel water separator filter offers a finer filtration medium to remove water from your diesel fuel. The water removal capability of this premium quality filter helps to ensure the longevity of your entire fuel injection system and reduce bacteria growth.

The Fleetguard FS1007 filter benefits:

  • Has a metal housing which now makes this Fuel Water Separator an environmentally friendly filter.
  • Approved for use with both Bio-Diesel and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel compatible.
  • Removes entrained water and emulsified water.
  • Filters to a 10 Micron level.
  • Allows for use of your WIF Sensor.
  • Has a drain valve.
  • Contains the patented Stratapore filtration media.

This Fleetguard FS1007 Replacement Fuel and Water Separator Filter for the following Cummins Diesel Engines:

  • Cummins ISX
  • Cummins ISX15
  • Cummins Signature Series

Fleetguard FS1001 Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter Specification's

  • Overall Height 293.98 mm  or 11.574 inches
  • Largest OD     118.11 mm  or 4.65 inches
  • Seam OD     118.87 mm  or 4.68 inches
  • Gasket OD     71.88 mm  or 2.83 inches
  • GASKET ID    101.6 mm or 4.00 inches
  • Thread Size    M85 X 2-7H INT
  • Standpipe     NO
  • EFFICIENCY, TWA BY SAE J 1985 98.7 %
  • MICRON RATING BY SAE J 1985 10 Micron

Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter Cross References:

  • Cummins 3101871

This Fleetguard FS1007 is an upgraded version of the Fleetguard FS1040 Water Separator Filter.

Fleetguard Cummins Diesel Fuel Filter FS1007 supersedes:

  • Fleetguard FS1031
  • Fleetguard FS1040
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