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Ford 4C3Z9P456AJ EGR Cooler

Your Price: $407.69

Manufacturer Part No: 4C3Z-9P456-AJ

This Ford replacement upgraded 4C3Z9P456AJ EGR Cooler is a for the 2004 to 2007 6 0L Powerstroke READ MORE >>

Ford 4C3Z9P456AJ Updated Replacement EGR Cooler

This Ford Replacement 4C3Z9P456AJ EGR Cooler is a Genuine OEM Factory Original part sold by an authorized Genuine OEM parts reseller.

Ford now offers this upgraded OEM part as a direct bolt on replacement for the previous problem prone part.

The original OEM EGR coolers are failing due to two known conditions:

  • Internal cracking. The internal cranking allows the exhaust gases to mix with the coolant. 
  • Small internal coolant passageways become clogged with exhaust deposits.
  • Ford has now redesigned the interior passageways and there construction methods of this part to solve this issue.

The Upgraded EGR Cooler is recommended for vehicles that endure long hours of operation every day.

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