AirDog FF100-2 Fuel Filter

AirDog FF100-2 Fuel Filter 2 Micron

AirDog FF100-2 Replacement Fuel Filter - 2 Micron


FF100-2 Replacement Fuel Filter 2 Micron Fuel Filter

The AirDog FF100-2 is a Replacement 2 Micron Fuel Filter applications:

  • AirDog Fuel Air Separation System
  • AirDog II Fuel Fuel Separation Systems.
  • AirDog II 4G Fuel Fuel Separation Systems.

This Pureflow AirDog FF100-2 Replacement Fuel Filter offers the highest fuel filtration capabilities available by filtering your fuel down to a 2 Micron level. The 2 Micron Rating on this Fuel Air Separation System Fuel Filter for your AirDog System AirDog help preserve the integrity of your entire fuel injection system. AirDog FF100-2 Replacement Fuel Filter Change intervals are between 15,000 to 30,000 miles based on Fuel Quality. KLM Performance recommends keeping a spare set of AirDog Replacement Fuel Filters in your truck, as this is far cheaper than calling for a tow.

NOTE: This PureFlow Technologies Replacement Fuel Filter is not recommended when using BioDiesel, Vegetable Oil and Blended Fuels.

The FF100-2 Replacement Fuel Filter 2 Micron is MADE IN THE USA! 2 Micron Fuel Filter For AirDog Systems

  • engine
  • Flow Rate
  • Item Number AD FF100-2
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  • Manufacturer Part No AirDog FF100-2
  • Product Application Direct Replacement AirDog Fuel Preparator Fuel Filter
  • height 4
  • width 8
  • brand AirDog
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  • manufacturer AirDog
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