Baja Designs 103004 RTL-S 30" Light Bar Rear Facing LED Light Bar

Baja Designs 103004 RTL-S 30" Light Bar


Baja Designs 103004 30" Rear Facing LED Light Bar

The Baja Designs RTL-S White Saftey Light - Rear Tail Light Features:

  • Sleek Low Profile Design
  • Black Finish
  • Running Light
  • Brake Light
  • White Light is located in the center of the light bar for a Cargo or Work Light
  • Amber Flashing Light Turn Signals
  • Low Power Draw of Ten to Twenty Eight Watts
  • Power Draw is Dependent Upon Pattern Presented
  • Long LED Life Expectancy of 49,930 Hours
  • Provides your vehicle with a 30" rear tail light
  • Provides optimum visibility of your UTVs, ATVs or Work Truck.
  • The RTL uses red, amber and white LEDs
  • The Baja Designs 30" RTL features an integrated adjustable track system.

The 103004 RTL-S Green Saftey Light 30" Light Bar Includes:

  • One 30" Rear Tail Light LED Light Bar
  • Mounting Hardware

Baja Designs 103004 RTL-3 30" Light Bar Power Requirements:

  • Running Light With Amber Marker LED Lights 12 Watts
  • Brake Light With Amber Marker LED Lights 30 Watts
  • White Work LED Light 18 Watts

Baja Designs developed this RTL-S Rear Tail Light bars to increase safety and driver awareness for all vehicle's on the road, race course or trail. This rear facing LED light bar offers an excellent way to mark your position and illuminate the area in the rear of your vehicle.

The Baja Designs RTL Series of Rear Facing Light Bars are American Made products! RTL-S 30

  • engine
  • Flow Rate
  • Item Number BD 103004 RTL-S5
  • make
  • model
  • year
  • Manufacturer Part No BD 103004 RTL-S
  • Product Application Any vehicle requiring additional High Power LED lighting in the rear of there vehicle.
  • height 5
  • width 36
  • brand
  • faq
  • Part Number BD 103003 RTL-G
  • manufacturer Baja Designs
  • Beam Pattern
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