Baja Designs 640117 Squadron/S2 Off/On Wire Harness-2 lights max 150 watts

Baja Designs 640117 Squadron S2 Universal Wiring Harness


Baja Designs LED Lightbar Wire Harness and Toggle Button

The Baja Designs LED 640117 Universal Wiring Harness

The Baja Designs Squadron S2 Series Universal Wiring Harness Switch Kit 640117 allows you to bypass the activation of the lights of the High Beam circuit by merely flicking a toggle switch.

When this Baja Designs LED Light Universal Wiring Harness Switch Kit installed, you can quickly turn on the lights whenever you want.

The Baja Designs Universal Wiring Harness 640117 Switch Kit contains:

  • Integrated On and Off Toggle Switch
  • Wire Harness with Weather Pack Connectors
This 640117 universal 12volt wire harness features:
  • Capable of powering up to 12 amps
  • Supports up to 150 Watts of power draw.
  • This harness is designed specifically for Fuego, PreRunner, LaPaz, Squadron and SII Series of LED Lights.

The Baja Universal Wiring Harness 640117 provides a high quality simple, easy, and secure, weatherproof way to turn your LED lights when you want to.

Please use this collection to find additional Baja Designs Wire Harness to meet your exact light requirements.

Baja Designs 12 Volt Universal Wiring Harness Baja Designs Universal Wiring Harness 640117 LED or HID Harnessis MADE IN THE USA!

  • engine 
  • Flow Rate
  • Item Number BD 6401178
  • make Universal
  • model 
  • year 
  • Manufacturer Part No 640117
  • Product Application Select Baja Designs LED Series Lights
  • height 4
  • width 8
  • brand Baja Designs
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  • Part Number 
  • manufacturer Baja Designs
  • Beam Pattern
  • Product Note This universal 12v wiring harness is capable of powering up to 150 Watts with a 12 Amp draw.