Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Custom Made Braided Stainless Steel Kevlar Reinforced Brake Line Kits

KLM Performance offers standard or extended length Kevlar Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines for the following vehicles:

Stainless Steel Brake Lines are an easy way to perform a Brake System Upgrade. Your brake system is a crucial part of your vehicle. By installing a set of high-performance custom made braided stainless steel replacement brake lines to replace your rubber brake hose, you will provide the additional stopping power and reduce the reaction time of your vehicle brake system. The primary purpose of installing braided stainless steel brake lines is to improve brake system performance and service life. Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines offer increased effectiveness when compared to a brake system equipped with flexible rubber hoses. Standard or Extended length Kevlar braided stainless steel brake line kits are an instant means to improve your brake system response and performance. Improved brake system response will keep your vehicle from colliding with anything else and shorten the distance it takes to stop your vehicle. These Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits are Street legal, and D.O.T. approved. These stainless steel brake lines are a custom-made product for your stock vehicle or lifted vehicles.

What length stainless steel brake line do I need?

If you are replacing the rubber brake lines on a vehicle with a stock ride height, we suggest you use the stock length brake lines. If you have altered the ride height of the vehicle with a suspension system or a lift kit. We recommend you use an extended length that matches your new ride height over stock. Using the drop down menu, you need to choose the length that matches how much lift you have on your vehicle. So if you have a 3" lift, you need to choose the 3" option and then use the drop down menu to choose the 3" length over stock. ".

There are many parts of your brake system, including your brake lines. You'll need to be sure that your brake lines are always functioning to ensure that your vehicle remains safe. By replacing your problem prone stock rubber hoses, you can upgrade your vehicles braking system performance to a new level. Original Equipment Manufacturer brake lines tend to expand and stretch each time the pedal is applied. The expansion of the rubber hoses will dramatically reduce your vehicle's brake system response time. With age and mileage, these brake lines become even more sluggish due to the increased rate of expansion in the brake line. By installing Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines, you will improve your vehicle's brake system response. Replacement of your brake lines is needed to optimize your braking systems performance. These stainless steel brake lines are custom made to your exact requirements. These custom made replacement brake lines come in standard or extended length to meet your exact needs. Since these brake line kits are custom made the are available in ten different colors.

Benefits obtained from installing a Custom Made Braided Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit for your vehicle:

  • Faster brake system response
  • Firmer pedal
  • Less ABS brake system chatter
  • Less brake pedal travel
  • Stainless Steel Eliminates the hose expansion common to factory rubber lines.
  • Firmer pedal feel and immediate brake response.
  • More precise brake modulation
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Shorter stopping distance through shorter reaction time.
  • Stainless Steel external and a Kevlar reinforced Teflon inner pressure tested to 4500 PSI.
  • Guaranteed factory fit original equipment specifications.
  • Backed by a Manufacturers Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines meets or exceeds TUV and FMVSS 106 safety standards and D.O.T. compliant.
  • Custom Built with the application specific fittings for ease of installation.

High-Performance Stainless Steel Brake Line Attributes:

  • Custom made to your exact requirements
  • Direct bolt-on Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits
  • Offered as an upgrade in the ultimate in braking performance.
  • These brake lines meet the strict guidelines of the D.O.T. MVSS-106 requirements.
  • Approved for street driven vehicles and Off Road applications.
  • Are legal in all 50 states.
  • DOT Approved Street Legal Brake Line Kits
  • Utilize a Kevlar braided sheath over extruded Teflon tubing
  • Feature stainless steel braided hoses are covering the Kevlar casing for maximum strength and protection.
  • These American Made hoses are truly state of the art.
  • Contains zinc-plated fittings
  • Factory assembled for installation convenience.
  • Designed and Fabricated as a direct bolt on replacement brake system component in most applications.
  • Each kit comes with all necessary hardware and fittings required for installation.
  • The P.T.F.E. stainless steel hose is compatible with all grades of brake fluid.

Custom Made Replacement Stainless Steel Kevlar Braided Brakes Line Kit options:

  • Available in vehicle specific upgrade kits.
  • Containing 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 line packages.
  • Custom Made to the exact requirements of your vehicle.
  • Available in 9 different color options of your choice.
  • From stock length to extended plus 12" in length.
  • Select brake line kits offer Rear Caliper Lines.

KLM Performance Custom Made High-Performance Stainless Steel Brake Line Construction Standards:

  • An Extruded Teflon (PTFE) Inner Core that resists expansion under pressure, is chemically inert, non-aging, unaffected by atmospheric conditions or moisture and will not degrade from exposure to brake fluid.
  • A Braided Kevlar Sheath wraps the Extruded Teflon (PTFE) Inner Core for increased durability and protection.
  • An outer layer of Braided Stainless Steel casing for protection. The braided stainless steel provides support for the PTFE and Kevlar layers as an extremely durable against incidental impact and abrasion. This Stainless steel outer braid provides added double protection to the single inner braid of Kevlar and barrier layers.
  • An outer cover of abrasion resistant PVC is then applied for the maximum protection of the brake lines against chaffing and to protect against the elements of harsh driving conditions.
  • These brake line assemblies comply with federal regulations D.O.T. MVSS-106.
  • All Brake Line Assemblies pressure tested to 4,500 PSI.
  • Standard S.A.E. fittings are an exclusive One Piece design with unmatched strength and reliability.

These Crown Performance high-performance brake lines are available for a broad range of performance vehicles: domestic, import, sport utilities, and trucks. Crown Performance Stainless Steel braided brake hoses have been tried and tested in some of the most severe conditions that 4x4 and race teams encounter all over the globe. These replacement brake lines are known for their quality of engineering, craftsmanship, commitment to quality, fitment, finish and are there DOT-certified.

KLM Performance offers these Custom Made high-performance Kevlar reinforced braided stainless steel brake line kits as an American Made product.

Please call KLM Performance Inc. at 203-210-7200 or contact us if you need any additional information for your vehicles Brake lines!

NOTE: The purchase of the Custom Made Stainless Steel Brake Lines Requires A Signature For Delivery!

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