Cold Flow Improver For Diesel Fuel

Cold Flow Improver For Diesel Fuel


Cold Flow Improver Prevents Cold Weather Fuel Related Problems

Bell Performance Cold Flow Improver for winter diesel fuel treatment provides:

Cold Flow Improver provides the protection you require for preventing and curing the effects of diesel fuel gelling and plugged fuel filters. In Cold Weather, diesel fuel combustion depends on the ability of the diesel fuel to be free of moisture and auto-ignition quality of the diesel fuel you supply to your engine. Diesel fuel in cold weather climates needs extra protection to keep ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel from gelling in the extreme winter temperatures. If you live in Cold Weather, you know that decreased temperatures can start the gelling process in diesel fuel lines, filters, and fuel tanks.

Cold Flow Improver is the commercial-grade cold weather diesel treatment that keeps diesel fuel and home heating oil from gelling in the coldest winter months. If you are running diesel fuel this winter in temperatures that get below 25 degrees, it’s a good idea to have a quality cold flow improver on hand. Put it into the fuel before the temperatures reach the problem point. The addition of cold flow improver is your best chance to avoid diesel fuel gelling this winter.

COLD FLOW IMPROVER contains advanced polymers which:

  • Keeps the paraffin wax crystals in diesel fuels from sticking together. All diesel fuel has paraffin wax dissolved in it. When diesel fuel gets too cold, it reaches a temperature where the wax forms crystals that are no longer able to stay suspended in the fuel. The wax crystals come out of suspension and begin to from bigger and bigger crystals.  Given enough time and low enough temperatures, the wax can thicken and up gel the diesel fuel. When the fuel tries to go through the fuel filter, the filter catches that wax content and plugs the diesel fuel filter. A plugged diesel fuel filter then shuts down the engine
  • Lowers the pour point of your diesel fuel.
  • Preventing cold filter plug points in the diesel fuel injection system.

Cold Flow Improver For Diesel Fuel and Home Heating Oil Application Rates:  

  • 32 oz. treats 250 Gallons of Diesel Fuel
  • 1 gallon treats 1000 Gallons of Diesel Fuel
  • 5 Gallons treats 5000 gallons of Diesel Fuel

We have used Cold Flow Improver with the straight application to a fuel filter to free up frozen lines and filters! Your will notice an immediate improvement in the ability of the diesel fuel to flow properly when Cold Flow Improver is added. The addition of the Cold Flow Improver means cold weather diesel fuel users worry less about fuel shutdowns in the winter.

Benefits of using Cold Flow Improver diesel fuel treatment:

  • Very Effective Anti-Coagulant
  • Lowers fuel waxing point by up to 40 degrees!
  • Increase the fuel combustion level
  • Decreases starting time
  • Improves the engines ability to fire quickly in cold weather
  • Eliminates Water
  • Removes Moisture
  • Prevents Fuel Line Freezing
  • Lowers Cold-Filter Plugging
  • Smooths out rough running engines
  • Contains No Alcohol
  • For Use In All Diesel Engines and Diesel Fuel Types

This Bell Performance Winter Treatment for Diesel Fuel Gelling is sold Cold Flow Improver in a 32-ounce bottle that treats up to 250 gallons of fuel. The treatment rate for the Cold Flow Improver is one ounce to 7.8 gallons of diesel fuel.

Why you need to use a Cold Flow Improver during Cold Weather Operations

Diesel fuel has several components which can be significantly affected by cold weather. Two of the most impacted components are water and paraffin. Water contributes to fuel line freezing. Additionally, there are two distinct points that are crucial to filter life and cold weather performance. These points are Cloud Point and Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP). Cloud Point is the point at which paraffin crystals precipitate. CFPP is the highest temperature at which a particular fuel will cause filter plugging.Depending upon the quality of the fuel, the point at which most diesel fuels from the paraffin (wax) crystals may be from 0 °F to45 °F (-17 °C to 7.2 °C). The CFPP for fuels can vary from -10 °F to 15 °F (-23 °C to -9 °C), depending upon fuel quality. These paraffin crystals quickly coat filters and prevent fuel flow, as well as plug fuel lines. Besides, water contamination in the form icy slush compounds the problem, slowing fuel flow even more quickly. It is, therefore, desirable to heat diesel fuel as close to the filter element as possible, to re-liquefy wax and ice crystals.

COLD FLOW IMPROVER winter diesel fuel treatment is MADE IN THE USA!  Cold Flow Improver  |  Prevent Diesel Gelling  |  Winter Diesel

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