Engine Oil Conditioners

Engine Oil Treatments

What Does My Engine Oil Do?

Engine oil performs many functions. It stops all the metal surfaces in the engine from grinding together and tearing themselves apart from friction, and it transfers heat away from the combustion cycle. Engine oil also holds in suspension all the nasty by-products of combustion like silica (silicon oxide) and acids. Finally, engine oil minimizes the exposure to oxygen and thus oxidation at higher temperatures. It does all of these things under tremendous heat and pressure.

What does an Engine Oil Treatment Do and Why Do I need one?

Engine oil lubricates, and engine oil treatment provides reduced friction and increased lubricity for the complete protection of your engine. Your engine's metal surfaces, no matter how polished they may appear, reveal microscopic peaks and valleys. When two metal surfaces come in contact with each other, the result is friction. Resistance is created because these two surfaces are uneven which causes wear, heat buildup and greater use of energy by the machine. In an engine, the resulting wear creates low spots and wear patterns in areas like camshafts, lifters, gears, and bearings. Not only this but particle contaminants build up in the oil over time and cause scratches and scores in the metal surfaces. The use of an oil conditioner goes above and beyond the directive package that's in your engine oil to further reduce friction by filling in the uneven surfaces. This oil treatment creates two super-slick metal surfaces that may run together with substantially reduced friction and heat. Oil lubricity is improved and extended, and engine temperature goes down as you engine runs smoother at a lower operating temperature.

Benefits of using a Bell Performance Engine Oil Treatment:

  • Provides superior protection against dry and cold starts
  • Increases mileage
  • Quiets rough-running engines
  • Reduces frictions and engine wear
  • Extends engine life
  • Seals the rings in older engines.
  • Provides better compression and horsepower
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