FASS RPDRP Replacement Pump for the DDRP and DRP Series Lift Pumps

FASS DRP Replacement Pump


FASS DRP Replacement Pump and Motor

FASS DRP Replacement Pump and Motor applications:

  • FASS DDRP 02
  • FASS DDRP 04
  • FASS DRP 04
  • FASS DRP 02

The FASS RPDRP DRP Replacement consists of the following parts:

  •   New pump housing
  •   New georotor gear
  •   New electric motor.
  •   Installation Instructions

The FASS RPDRP Replacement Motor benefits:

  • It is very easy to change.
  • Installation requires you to remove the fuel lines, wire harness, and mounting hardware.
  • Backed by a Manufacturers Warranty
  • Will make you FASS Pump good as New.
  • Sold as a Complete Replacement Pump and Motor Assembly.

The FASS DRP Manufacturers Warranty:

  • The replacement pump is backed by a four-year manufacturer's warranty on a light-duty vehicle.
  • FASS RPDRP brings your Cummins Lift Pump back to life!FASS RPDRP
  • FASS RPDRP DRP Replacement is MADE IN THE USA!
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to fill out your product registration form and return the original warranty form to FASS Fuel Systems within 30 days of purchase accompanied by a copy of the purchase receipt. Complying with these guidelines will qualify you for the Four Year Extended Warranty. NOTE: This is a special order item and cannot be returned for exchange or credit.
  • engine 5.9L Cummins
  • Flow Rate
  • Item Number FASS RPDRP
  • make Dodge
  • model Ram
  • year 1998.5 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004
  • Manufacturer Part No RPDRP
  • Product Application FASS DRP Pump Replacement Motor
  • height 8
  • width 8
  • brand FASS
  • faq What is the Warranty on this new FASS replacement pump and motor assembly?
    This FASS DRP Pump Replacement Motor is backed by a 4 Year Manufacturers Warranty upon completion and submission of the warranty paperwork.

  • Part Number
  • manufacturer FASS
  • Beam Pattern
  • Product Note This is a special order item and cannot be returned for exchange or credit.