FASS Titanium Series FS-2001 Fuel Water Separator

FASS Titanium Series FS-2001 Fuel Water Separator


FASS Titanium Series FS-2001 Emulsified Fuel Water Separator

The FASS Titanium Series FS-2001 Fuel Water Separator is for both the Titanium Series & 95 Series FASS Fuel Air Separation Systems

FASS has now discontinued this fuel filter and created a national backorder. KLM performance is now forced to ship you an alternative diesel fuel filter to meet your diesel fuel filtration needs. The FASS FS-2001 will now be delivered as a Fleetguard FS19594 diesel fuel water separator filter. This Fleeguard fuel filter provides the same fuel filtration as the FASS FS-2001 diesel fuel filter.  

FASS Titanium Series FS19594 Emulsified Water Separator Description:

  • Microlite Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain
  • Removes Emulsified water from your diesel fuel.
  • Removed Entrained water from your diesel fuel.
  • Filters fuel to a 20 Micron level.
  • Now the replacement water separator filter for the FASS WS-2001.
  • Removes the water in your diesel fuel.

KLM Performance recommends regularly draining this FASS Titanium Series FS-2001 Fuel Water Separator to:

  • Remove the water contained within this filter.
  • Help to prevent freeze-ups in your vehicle fuel system during the winter months.
  • Prevent the growth of microorganisms within the filter.

The FASS FS-2001 Emulsified Water Separator is recommended to be changed every 15 to 30,000 miles. The FLeetguard FS19594 Water Separator change intervals vary due to the quality and type of fuel used.

KLM Performance strongly recommends keeping a spare set of FASS 95 Series / Titanium Series Filters in your vehicle at all times. Keeping an extra set of FASS 95 / Titanium Series Replacement Filters in your truck is far cheaper than calling for a tow!

The image depicted is not the filter you will receive as the FS-2001 filter as this is No Longer Available! This descriptive product text is provided to you with the full knowledge of what brand FASS replacement diesel fuel filter you are purchasing.

FASS FS-2001 Water Separator Filter is now sold as the Fleetguard FS19594 fuel filter.

  • engine
  • Flow Rate
  • Item Number FG FS19594
  • make FASS Titanium Series Fuel Pumps
  • model
  • year
  • Manufacturer Part No FS19594
  • Product Application FASS Titanium and 95 Series Fuel Pumps
  • height 4
  • width 8
  • brand Fleetguard
  • faq
  • Part Number
  • manufacturer Fleetguard
  • Beam Pattern
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