Lube-Pro Treatment For Diesel Fuel Lubricity

Lube Pro Diesel Fuel Treatment


LUBE-PRO Lubricity Additive for Diesel Fuel

Bell Performance Lube-Pro diesel fuel treatment protects injectors and fuel pumps by increasing the lubricity value of all types of diesel fuel, especially ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. The removal of sulfur to produce ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel raises serious concerns for moving engine parts that used to rely on the sulfur for lubrication.  Lack of lubrication from diesel causes wear and damage to expensive injectors and fuel pumps.

The addition of LUBE-PRO provides:

  • Prevents wear of fuel injection system components
  • Reduces the risk of seizing fuel injection pump internals.
  • Helps engines maintain peak combustion efficiency
  • Promotes easier starting
  • Smoother idling
  • Helps engines to run smoother
  • Improves the diesel fuel quality to provide improved combustion and engine efficiency. 
  • A higher diesel fuel lubricity rating makes your diesel truck, car, boat or equipment run more efficiently.
  • Reduces engine noise so it runs quieter.

We have used Lube-Pro in both new and older diesel engines and noticed improved engine operations. KLM Performance endorses the Bell performance products because we know they work.

This Bell Performance Lube-Pro fuel additive is a single 32-ounce bottle which treats 250 gallons of diesel fuel.

LUBE-PRO diesel fuel treatment is MADE IN THE USA!  Lube Pro Diesel Fuel Lubricity Improver

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  • Product Application Lubricity Additive For Diesel Fuel
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  • faq How does LUBE-PRO work?

    What is the application rate for LUBE-PRO?
    Lube Pro Application Rates are as follows:
    32 oz. treats 250 gallons of diesel fuel.
    1 gallon treats 1000 gallons of diesel fuel.

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  • manufacturer Bell Performance
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