Super-Tane Diesel Fuel Cetane Improver

Super-Tane Diesel Fuel Cetane Improver


SUPER-TANE Cetane Booster for Diesel Fuel

Bell Performance Super Tane diesel fuel treatment provides increased engine efficiency by raising the cetane level of your diesel fuel. Diesel fuel combustion depends on the auto-ignition quality of the diesel fuel you supply to your engine. The higher the cetane rating the better the combustion and higher the power out put.

The addition of SUPER-TANE provides:

  • Improved the diesel fuel cetane rating.
  • Raises the cetane rating by an additional 4 to 8 points.
  • Improves the diesel fuel quality to provide improved combustion and engine efficiency. 
  • A higher diesel fuel cetane rating makes your diesel truck, car, boat or equipment run more efficiently.
  • Reduces engine noise so it runs quieter.
  • Gives the diesel fuel more power
  • Makes the engine easier to start in cold weather.
  • Contains a combustion catalyst that improves combustion efficiency of diesel fuel.
  • Reduces black smoke the unburned hydrocarbon pollution. 

We have used Super Tane at the track and recorded lower run times. Your will notice an immediate improvement both on and off the track when Super-Tane is added to your diesel fuel.

Benefits of using SUPER-TANE Cetane Improver diesel fuel treatment:

  • Raises Cetane rating by four to eight points
  • Increase the fuel combustion level
  • Decreases starting time
  • Improves the engines ability to fire quickly in cold weather
  • Increases acceleration by raising the energy level of the fuel being burned
  • Increases the engines performance level
  • Reduces the amount of black smoke by improving combustion
  • Reduces air pollution by minimizing the discharge of unburned hydrocarbons
  • Smooths out rough running engines

This Bell Performance Super-Tane is sold as a single 32-ounce bottle which treats 250 gallons of diesel fuel.

SUPER-TANE Cetane Improver diesel fuel treatment is MADE IN THE USA!  Super-Tane Cetane Improver for diesel fuel

  • engine
  • Flow Rate
  • Item Number BP Super-Tane8
  • make
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  • year
  • Manufacturer Part No BP Super-Tane
  • Product Application Cetane improver for all types of diesel fuel
  • height 8
  • width 12
  • brand Bell Performance
  • faq How does Super-Tane work?

    What is the application rate for SUPERTANE?
    Super-Tane Application Rates are as follows:
    32 oz. treats 250 gallons of diesel fuel.
    1 gallon treats 1000 gallons of diesel fuel.

    How much can I increase the cetane rating of my diesel fuel by?
    Using the recommended application rates of SUPER-TANE you can raise the Cetane rating by 4 to 8 points.

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  • manufacturer Bell Performance
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