Turbocharger Billet Wheel and Housing Kits

Applied Performance Products Billet Wheel and Cover Kit

High Performance Billet Wheel and Cover Kit Benefits:

The installation of a High Performance Billet Wheel and Cover Kit provides a low-cost way to increase the performance of your diesel engine. These bolt on turbo upgrade kits provide a larger CNC Billet Aluminum compressor wheel and Cast A356 Aluminum compressor housing. The higher-performance hybrid wheel and cover kit are machined precisely to exacting tolerances. The greater than original equipment compressor wheel increases the available airflow while improving the turbine to compressor balance. The improved compressor wheel balance combination reduces the drive pressure on the turbine wheel and lowers exhaust gas temperatures. The Billet wheel and Cover Kit does not affect the operation of your exhaust brake, or its characteristics. 

These direct bolt-on high performance billet compressor wheel and cover kits also allow you to increase the performance and responsiveness of the motor. With the addition of increased fuel delivery rates higher power output levels are possible. Additional fueling is not required, but it is recommended to take advantage of the additional airflow supplied by this Billet wheel and Cover Kit modification.

These Billet Wheel and Cover Kits are available for the following diesel engines:


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