X-tra Lube Concentrate Oil Treatment

X-tra Lube Concentrate Oil Treatment


Bell Performance X-tra Lube Concentrate is an Engine Oil Treatment that treats your Engine!

Bell Performance X-tra Lube Concentrated oil treatment dramatically reduces friction and prevents wear within engines. The X-tra Lube Concentrate oil treatment offer superior lubrication enhancement by resurfaces by filling scratches, scores, voids, and imperfections, to dramatically reduce friction and wear. XTRA Lube Concentrate conditions both the metal and the oil plus it also contains a premium platter of with Bell Performance's MBL technology additives to improve your oils cleaning properties and protect surfaces during start-up. 

Benefits of Bell Performance X-TRA Lube Concentrate benefits:

  • Is approved for gas and diesel engines.
  • Protects against dry starts
  • Increases engine performance
  • Increases mileage
  • Quiets the engine
  • Reduces harmful emissions
  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Seals the rings
  • Easier cold starts

Engine Oil Additive - Engine Lubricant | Bell Performance XTRA LUBE Concentrate instructions:

  • To a warm engine add the substitute to your final quart of oil after your oil change. 
  • Drive the vehicle for 30 minutes to properly send the Bell Performance Xtra lube oil treatment through the engine.
  • X-TRA Lube Concentrate application rate is 2 to 3 oz. per 5 quarts of oil. 
  • One 8-oz bottle will treat up to 4 oil changes in most vehicles depending upon.

NOTE: The X-tra Lube Oil treatment is not intended for use in Motorcycles with Wet Clutches or Automatic Transmissions!

Bell Performance X-TRA LUBE Concentrate is MADE IN THE USA! Bell Performance X-TRA LUBE Concentrate oil treatment additive

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  • Manufacturer Part No BP X-TRA LUBE 8OZ
  • Product Application Any 4 cycle motor
  • height 4
  • width 8
  • brand Bell Performance
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  • manufacturer Bell Performance
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