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SOLID AXLE Front SpynTec Conversion Kit For Dodge 94-99

Your Price: $1,995.00

Manufacturer Part No: SAST-D9499

Condition: New

Solid Axle Front SpynTec Conversion Kit For Dodge 94 99 READ MORE >>
In our continued pursuit of excellence, Solid Axle Industries releases a new line of fixed spindle conversion kits under the name SpynTec. When we set out to design the final word in unit bearing replacement, we first wanted to understand the weaknesses of the original equipment found in your vehicle. Automobile manufacturers have taken away your ability to maintain your 4x4 by moving to the planned obsolesence of the unitized bearing front end. When the OEM bearings fail, you and your truck are literally stranded until you can replace them, or incur the high cost of towing to your local dealer. SpynTec kits start with new premium chromolly hub and spindle forgings. Your ABS functions are retained with the combination of a gear cut tone ring that is integral to the design of the hub, as well as our spindle design that encompasses the factory ABS sensor mount and sealing surfaces. When installed, your ABS system is now completely sealed from the harshest on and off highway environments. All SpynTec kits utilize such names as Timken, SKF, Chicago Rawhide, and Spicer. Whether you rely on your vehicle for work or play, you cant afford to be sitting still due to an unfortunate bearing failure. Solid Axle industries understands this and has answered with the SpynTec line of unit bearing conversion kits. Features Forged hub with gear cut ABS tone ring. Forged spindle with integral ABS sensor mount. Includes all bearings, races, seals, and spindle nuts. Utilizes premium locking hubs. Benefits Eliminates unit bearing hub assemblies prone to breaking. As always, SpynTec conversion kits fully seal the ABS sensor and tone ring from contaminates on and off road. Increased fuel economy. Kits Include: Forged Hubs with Machined Reluctor Ring. Forged Spindles with Universal ABS Sensor Mount Wheel Studs All Bearings, Races, Seals, Spindle Nuts 35-Spline Stub Shafts Premium Manual Locking Hubs D60 U-Joints D
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