Jeep Steering Stabilzers

Replacement Steering Dampers and Steering Stabilizers for Jeepss.

Replacing or upgrading your OEM steering stabilizer shock is an easy way to get increased steering response and improved vehicle control. The Jeep Steering Damper is a hydraulic device that is quite similar to a shock absorber and is attached to the steering linkage and damps out undesirable movement of the steering wheel due to road imperfections.

These BILSTEIN B8 5100 Steering Dampers are designed specifically to help you maintain complete command of your truck or van at all times. Installation of an improved steering damper is vital when upgrading to larger wheels and tires. The Bilstein 5100 Series steering dampers help to ensure proper steering control.

The Bilstein 5100 Series Steering Damper Benefits:

  • Gas pressurized monotube design that eliminates cavitation and foaming.
  • Will reduce the steering component vibration.
  • Will help to reduce the wear and tear of steering system components.
  • The damper is constructed with a Durable Corrosion Resistant Bilstein Triple C process zinc finish.
  • Digressive valving made from the highest quality components.
  • Steering Damper provides increased driver comfort and confidence.
  • Vehicle Specific models offer a straightforward installation. 

These monotube steering dampers can be installed with ease and will replace the OEM steering stabilizer on your 2007 to 2016 Jeep.

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