Walker Evans Racing - Walker Links - Sway Bar Shocks

Walker Evans Racing Walker Link - Sway Bar Shock

Walker Evans Racing currently offers these Walker Links for these Side By Sides.

What is a Walker Link?

The Walker Evans Racing Walker Link is a small shock absorber that is designed for installation in place of the rigid sway bar links on your UTV or Side By Side.  Your sway bar links connect the sway bar to the control arms on your UTV or Side By Side. These sway bar links allow each rear wheel to move independently for greater vehicle control and stability. When you install these Walker Sway Bar Shocks it is almost as if you disconnected the sway bar, for the first two inches of travel but when they eventually obtain the maximum extended length they act as rigid solid links.

What does a Sway Bar Do?

Sway Bars are also known as an anti-roll bar or stabilizer bars. The primary purpose of a Sway Bar is to control the body of the vehicle from rolling to one side during a tight turn. When your UTV has excessive body roll, the weight is transferred to the UTV's outer tires while turning. This weight transfer then lessens the amount of traction provided to the inner wheel during a turn, causing less weight to sit on the inner tires.  A sway bar’s purpose is to keep suspension movements relative throughout turns. When the vehicle makes a right turn, the left side of the UTV suspension will compress similarly to the right side, keeping more weight on the inner tires.

A sway bar is a torsional spring that connects to both the left and right sides of the suspension system together to reduce body roll. The sway bar links both sides of the suspension system to contribute to reduced body roll when cornering. When both wheels take a bump equally, the wheels move the same amount without twisting the anti-roll bar. Individual wheel movement or body roll will force the bar to rotate as the lever arms are moved, thereby adding the bar’s spring rate to that of the UTV’s springs. Although a Sway Bars anti-roll bar’s primary function is to reduce body roll in cornering, it will also influence overall handling.

What are the benefits of the Walker Links?

  • They give you the low-speed plush ride of no sway bar.
  • Walker End Links provide High-speed stability with a solidly predictable response in the corners.
  • Improved traction when cornering.
  • Better suspension articulation.
  • Improved predictable vehicle feel.
  • Better Wash Board ride quality.
  • The suspension offers an initial free movement.
  • The Walker Links the inside un-weighted tire can float over bumps without affecting the loaded tire.

Why should I replace my OEM Sway Bar Links with the Walker Links?

Your stock links by design store energy in the rubber bushings as they cycle through the travel and tend to load and unload at sporadic rates. This unloading of stored energy is the main reason why  UTV's sometimes feel vague or unsettled in the corners. What you don't get with any solid link is the initial free movement that these Walker Links provide. So, better shock action (regardless of the brand or type of shock) at initial movement but it retains a solid feel in the corners.

These Walker Evans Racing Sway Bar Shocks are also referred to as:

  • sway bar end link
  • end links
  • Walker links
  • front sway bar links
  • rear sway bar links
  • walker link
  • rear link
  • rear sway bar shock
  • replacement link,
  • end link
  • walker sway bar end link
  • swaybar link
  • swaybar end link
  • walker link

The Walker Evans Racing - Walker Links Are MADE IN THE USA!

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