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TJM 4WD Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser Front Adjustable Panhard Bar

Your Price: $248.95

Product Application: Lexus LX 450 1996-1997, Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 1990-1997
Manufacturer: TJM OFF ROAD
Item Number: TJM 658ADJPR07LH
Manufacturer Part No: TJM Equipped 658ADJPR07LH

Condition: NEW

The TJM 658ADJPR07LH Adjustable Front Panhard bar is a must-have for any Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser with an increased ride height. READ MORE >>

TJM 4WD Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser Front Adjustable Panhard Bar




TJM Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser Front Adjustable Panhard Bar
TJM 1989-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Front Panhard Bar

TJM XGS Adjustable Front Panhard Bar Applications:

  • 1996 to 1997 Lexus LX470

  • 1990 to 1997 Toyota 4WD 80 Series Land Cruiser

TJM Equipped 658ADJPR07LH Front Adjustable Panhard Bar Benefits:

  • Allows you to centers the front axle of your vehicle.
  • Improves the handling and control of your vehicle with one upgrade.
  • Corrects the problem of increased tire wear and bushing wear.
  • Allows the front driveshaft to become centered again reducing vibrations.
  • Improves the vehicles handling by allowing the axle an unrestricted range of movement.

This TJM 80 Series Front Panhard Bar is constructed with a heavy duty tubular steel for increased strength. The adjustable panrod bar contains spherical rod ends on both sides of the bar for minimal deflection. The Bar is coated in a Black powder coated finish for corrosion resistance. This adjustable track bar is helpful with cruisers of any lift height. The TJM Land Cruiser Front Panhard Bar is mandatory for any 80 series over 4 of lift.

The purpose of suspension is to allow the wheels to move vertically with respect to the body, when raised height suspension is applied to some coil-sprung 4WD vehicles the fixed length of the original front Panhard rod can cause the axle to shift allowing it to move forward and backward, or from side to side. TJM Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser Adjustable Front Panhard Rod is designed to eliminate this problem by enabling you to set the rod to the most appropriate position for whatever suspension type or lift height your Land Cruiser has.

This 80 Series Land Cruiser adjustable Front panhard has the necessary lower curve to clear your differential under articulation.

The front adjustable bar is also known as a:

  • Track Bar
  • Panhard Bar
  • Pan Rod Bar