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TJM Portable Air Compressor 013TJMCOMP

Your Price: $119.93

Product Application: Any vehicle requiring the use of a portable air compressor
Manufacturer: TJM OFF ROAD
Item Number: TJM 013TJMCOMP
Manufacturer Part No: 013TJMCOMP

Condition: New

Having the TJM portable air compressor in your vehicle is one of the most invaluable tools you can own. Whether you are on the trail or on the road having a portable tire compressor on hand is essential. This TJM compressor includes everything you need to quickly fill your tires so you can keep going. This air compressor from TJM Off-Road is small & portable making it perfect to take on your outdoor adventures. READ MORE >>

TJM Portable 4X4 Tire Air Compressor - 013TJMCOMP

The new TJM 013TJMCOMP portable air compressor benefits:

  • Comes in a very compact package complete.
  • Includes it's own carrying bag that allows for can easy storage on your vehicle.
  • Designed as a compact and versatilePortable Air Compressor includes everything needed to fill your tires.
  • This air compressor runs off your standard 12 volt battery.
  • Features quick connection alligator clips for ease of use.

This TJM 013TJMCOMP Portable Air Compressor Features:

  •     7.2 Meter Quick Connect rubber air hose with valve connector
  •     Compressor features a Heavy Duty sand tray for protection from grit and other foreign objects
  •     Rugged easy to carry bag included
  •     Maximum air flow of 72 liters per minute
  •     Maximum 120 PSI pressure
  •     Non Lube Cylinder and Piston
  •     Maximum current draw of 13.8 volts
  •     Motor is Air Cooled with Built In Thermal protection
  •     Twin Core power cable with Alligator Clips
  •     Compressor Weighs less then 12 pounds

The TJM air compressor unit can be permanently mounted and hard wired to your vehicle if desired. Having a portable air compressor on broad your vehicle is a vital piece of off road equipment and you be glad its on board when the need arises! Integrated Thermal Protection circuit promotes an Automatic thermal cut-off sensor to insure long term use. The wiring harness now features a detachable connection with upgraded battery clamps and an integrated fuse holder to make this the best portable 4x4 tire compressor available.Integrated Thermal Protection circuit promotes an Automatic thermal cut-off sensor to insure long term use.

The TJM 4x4 Portable Tire Compressor is backed by a 5 Year Warranty.