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Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser TJM 4"( 90mm) Deluxe Lift Kit

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Manufacturer Part No: TJM80Lift4k

Condition: New

Gain Ground clearance Improve Ride Quality and add Additional Travel with the TJM 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser 4 Inch Deluxe Lift Kit for the 1989 to 1999 models READ MORE >>

Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser TJM 4( 90mm) Deluxe Lift Kit

TJM Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser 4" (90mm) Deluxe Lift Kit
TJM 1989 to 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Suspension System

This TJM 80 Series 4 / 90mm Replacement Suspension System fits:

  • Lexus LX470
  • Toyota Land Cruiser (1989-1997)

The 80 series 4 inch Lift Kit by TJM Includes everything you will need to achieve additional travel and gain optimal ground clearance. This 4"  Toyota Land Cruiser replacement suspension system dramatically improves ride quality and control of your Land Cruiser. 

The TJM 80 Series Land Cruiser 4 lift Kit Includes:

  • 2 TJM Front 4 Lift Springs
  • 2 TJM Rear 4 Lift Springs
  • 2 TJM Premium Front Shock Absorbers
  • 2 TJM Rear Premium Shock Absorbers
  • 4 TJM Caster Correction Bushing
  • 1 TJM Land Cruiser Steering Damper
  • 1 TJM Front 80 Series Land Cruiser Adjustable Panhard Bar
  • 1 TJM Rear 80 Series Land Cruiser Adjustable Panhard Bar
These TJM Coil Springs are the foundation of this 4" Suspension System. TJM has improved the coil spring rate to offer additional ride height and quality for your Land Cruiser.

The TJM XGS Gold 4WD 80 Series Land cruiser Shock Absorber is 100% designed and engineered in Australia with sensitive damping and our exclusively engineered valve with teflon banded piston, to improve the ride, handling, and safety characteristics of the vehicle. These features allow the TJM 80 Series Land Cruiser XGS Gold Shock Absorber to adjust more rapidly to changing road, off road and weight conditions better than any other available 4WD shock absorber.

The TJM High Performance steering damper is designed to help control Bump Steer which is a common occurrence when the addition of bigger tires to the 80 series Land Cruiser.  Bump steer occurs when you hit irregularities in the road and the the front of your Land Cruiser bumps to the left or right.  

TJM Polyurethane Caster Correction Bushings keep the factory front control arms at the proper offset to prevent handling issues and uneven tire wear. T

This TJM 4 Inch Land Cruiser Suspension System is designed to be a total lift solution for your 80 series.

NOTE: When Lifting any vehicle extended brake lines are needed KLM Performance highly recommends replacement brake lines for your vehicle.

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