Wastegate Actuators

What does the Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator do?

The Turbocharger Wastegate is connected to the pressurized plumbing network of your engine's turbocharger system. The Wastegate is a turbine bypass release valve which is installed in exhaust gas side of the turbocharger system. The Wastegate works by releasing exhaust instead of having it go to the turbocharger. Reducing the amount of exhaust gas that contacts the turbocharger will limit the amount of power that the turbine can deliver to the compressor. By reducing the incoming exhaust gasses, you actually limit the turbo speed and boost level that the compressor provides. By installing an adjustable wastegate actuator you can now effectively raise or lower your engines boost level for optimum performance.

What is the primary job of the Wastegate Actuator?

  • Act as a pressure relief valve that controls Boost Pressure.
  • Regulate the diversion of the exhaust gasses.
  • Regulates the turbine speed, which in turn controls the rotating speed of the compressor.
  • Control the maximum boost pressure in turbocharger system.
  • Offer effective control of the turbochargers maximum speed.
  • Protect the engine from creating damaging power levels.
  • Reduce the turbochargers lag time response before the turbo begins to spool and create boost.

What types of Turbocharger Wastegate are there?

There are two types of Turbocharger Wastegate valves used to regulate the Turbine Inlet Pressure.

  • The Internal Wastegate is the type of control valve that is integrated into the turbine housing. This control valve is opened by a turbo mounted boost-referenced actuator.
  • The External Wastegate is a self-contained valve and actuator unit that is completely separate from the turbocharger.

Why do I need to replace a damaged, worn, or improperly functioning Wastegate Actuator:

  • A premature release of the vital drive line pressure reduces boost in the mid-range engine operation levels.
  • Loss of boost will dramatically reduce the engine's ability to produce torque. 
  • Worn wastegate actuators will limit the power output of the engine.
  • Wastegate actuators are considered a wear item, with age and the constant cycles of heating and cooling the actuator spring within begins to weaken.
  • Worn wastegate springs allow the wastegate to open at lower boost levels further limiting power output.

KLM Performance offers these Applied Performance Products Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Wastegate Actuators for your diesel engine:

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