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X-Tra Lube Pre Mix Oil Treatment

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Product Application: Oil Treatment for Diesel and Gasoline motors.
Manufacturer: Bell Performance
Item Number: BP X-TRA LUBE PreMix 32OZ.
Manufacturer Part No: X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX

Condition: New

X-Tra Lube Pre Mix Oil Treatment for all types of engines resurfaces metal surfaces in the engine by filling scratches and wear. Adding X-Tra Lube Pre-Mix Oil Treatment at your next oil change interval will greatly reduce internal friction. The application of X-TRA LUBE will by produce super slick surfaces that greatly friction, heat and subsequent wear. READ MORE >>

X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX Oil Treatment for all types of engines.

X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX is a revolutionary MBL-based oil supplement formulated for any four-cycle engine to provide superior friction reduction and protection for your engine. 

X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX Oil Treatment Benefits:

  • Offers superior friction reduction and engine protection.
  • Is approved for use on all 4 Cycle engines.
  • Dramatically reduces friction and prevents wear within engines.
  • Resurfaces metal by filling scratches, scores, voids, and imperfections.
  • Dramatically reduce friction and wear
  • Conditions both the metal and the oil
  • Contains a premium platter of MBL additive ingredients
  • Improves the oils detergent properties to clean metal surfaces
  • X-Tra Lube Protects the engine's internal surfaces during cold start-up.
  • Regular use can provide significant savings in annual fuel savings.
  • Improved mileage and performance of 5% to 6% improvement are typical.
  • Smoother Engine operation.
  • Lower operating temperatures.
  • Allows Engines to run more efficiently which means fewer repairs
  • Less fuel consumption and longer engine life.

 X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX oil treatment provides the same great oil supplementing and wear-reducing benefits of X-tra Lube Concentrate.

Application Rate for X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX:

  • 1 quart (32 oz.) will ultimately treat one full oil change of up to 4-5 quarts of oil. 1 gallon will eventually treat four total oil changes.

X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX Product Details

MBL oil treatment which resurfaces metal surfaces in the engine by filling scratches and wear, greatly reducing friction.  Also contains premium additive ingredients to improve and supplement oil detergency, clean metal surfaces of particulates and damaging acids, and protect surfaces during cold start-up.  Just add one quart X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX as a 1-to-1 substitute for a quart of your regular oil during your oil change.

Don't be fooled into thinking X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX is like other aftermarket products that claim to do similar things. It does not contain Teflon or Chlorinate Paraffin compounds (which turn into harmful acids in your engine).  There is nothing else like Bell Performance X-TRA LUBE PRE-MIX on the market today.

 Bell Performance X-TRA LUBE Pre-Mix Oil Treatment is MADE IN THE USA!

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