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Hellmann Performance Fuel Tank Sump

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Product Application: Any Fuel Tank or Fuel Source that needs additional fuel flow to support high power motors.
Manufacturer: Hellmann Performance
Item Number: HP HFS
Manufacturer Part No: HP HFS

Condition: New


The Hellmann Fuel Sump is the original diesel fuel tank Sump designed for elimination of the typical ¼ tank issues associated with the in tank draw straws. The dual port sump has been used my race teams and high horsepower applications where fuel supply issues are a concern. This fuel sump is available in a single port or dual fuel port discharge option. Please order what you need to meet your fuel requirements. READ MORE >>

Fuel Tank Sump                   Hellmann Performance
                    Fuel Tank Sump Kit
      Works with Gravity Not Against it!

The Hellmann Performance Fuel Tank Sump is the ultimate fuel tank pickup. Now available with either a single or dual feed port option to meet your exact fuel flow requirements. The Hellmann Fuel Sump is the original designs that used by enthusiasts and Racers in a broad range of motorsports. The Fuel Sump is available as a single port or dual fuel port design to feed your engine with the fuel it needs.

Hellmann Performance Fuel Sump benefits:

  • Eliminates any and or all of your fuel supply issues.
  • Comes in a Gold anodized color for corrosion protection. 
  • Allows the maximum fuel supply to whatever fuel pump your using.
  • Works with both Gasoline and Diesel fuel.
  • Available with Single or Dual discharge ports.
  • Ends the 1/4 tank or lower fuel supply issues with a suction tube kit.
  • Mounts on the bottom of your fuel tank and giving you the lowest possible point to draw fuel from. 
  • Allows you to extend your range and go the extra mile by utilizing the fuel tank of fuel.
  • Uses gravity to feed fuel to your fuel pump.
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA!
  • Works great on steel and plastic tanks!
  • Will solve your fueling issues once and for all.

This Hellmann Performance Diesel Fuel Sump kit contains:

  • Gold Anodized Diesel Fuel Sump
  • Inner and Outer Sump Brackets
  • All mounting Hardware
  • Teflon Mounting Bracket Gasket
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • Barbed Fuel Line Fitting

The Hellmann Performance Diesel Fuel Sump follows a simple principle of allowing gravity to feed fuel into the sump and your fuel pump, instead of fighting against gravity and drawing fuel up.

Fuel Sump Installation Information:

You will have to pull your bed or fuel tank to install this, and you will have to drain the fuel from your tank. Installation of the Hellmann Fuel Sump requires drilling a large hole in the bottom of the fuel tank. The Fuel Sump then bolts a mounting the plate from outside the tank.

What type of fuel can I use this sump with?
The Hellmann Performance fuel sump is approved for use with Race Fuels, Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Vegetable Oil.

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