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PPE 1130760 Fuel Rail GM 6.6L Duramax LLY

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Product Application: 2004.5 to 2006 GM 6.6L Duramax LLY
Manufacturer: PPE
Item Number: PPE 1130760
Manufacturer Part No: 1130760

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Condition: New

This PPE 1130760 2004.5 to 2005 GM 6.6L Duramax High Performance Fuel Rail eliminates low fuel pressure rail diagnostic trouble codes during full throttle operation. Installation of the LLY fuel rail allows you to maintain your required required fuel rail pressures for maximum power output. READ MORE >>

PPE High Performance Fuel Rail for the LLY Duramax.

The P.P.E. high performance fuel rail was designed explicitly for 2004.5 through 2005 versions of the LLY 6.6L Duramax diesel engine.

LLY Duramax high performance fuel rail benefits:

  • Eliminates low fuel rail pressure.
  • Solves low fuel pressure code P1039 and P0087
  • Maintains fuel rail pressure during full throttle use.
  • Specially machined for a higher fuel rail volume for increased horsepower.

The PPE 1130760 fuel rail is designed as a direct bolt-on component for ease of installation.

This GM 04.5 to 05 Duramax product has a $250.00 core charge that is fully refundable once you return your core.

Why go to the trouble of modifying your stock fuel rail when you can just have us do it for you?

With the PPE High Performance Fuel Rail and all the benefits of a fully modified part. Equipped with both the PPE Race Fuel Valve (or Release Valve Shim Kit style available by request) and Ported Fuel Rail Fitting, this PPE unit is ready to bolt-on and run. This modification helps to maintain fuel rail pressure during full-throttle driving and eliminates low fuel rail pressure DTC codes P1093 or P0087 (low fuel rail pressure during power enrichment) that are caused by insufficient PRV spring pressure.

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