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Vibratech TVD - Heavy Duty Torsional Viscous Vibration Dampers For Diesel Engines

The crankshaft damper is a vital component of your heavy duty diesel engine. Vibratech TVD is an American Company that has been producing American Made Torsional Viscous Vibration Dampers for over 70 years. These Vibratech TVD viscous torsional dampers are designed as a freely rotating inertia ring surrounded by a viscous silicone fluid in a that then enclosed in a precision machined steel housing enclosed by laser welding to create a hermetically sealed enclosure.

The Vibratech torsional viscous crankshaft dampers are available for the following engine manufacturers:

Crankshaft Vibration in Diesel Engines: The Need for Viscous Crankshaft Damper Technology

Torsional vibration occurs naturally on every engine's combustion cycle. In each cylinder, the initial force of ignition twists the crankshaft ahead of its natural rotation. Then, during the exhaust cycle the crankshaft metal rebounds. This repeated twisting and rebounding motion happening while the crankshaft rotates is what creates the torsional vibration. All engine parts that contribute to generating torque and the design and material of the crankshaft, affect the magnitude of torsional vibration.

Torsional vibration spikes occurring from normal engine operation cause metal fatigue. This is especially damaging when torsional vibration amplifies in phase with the crankshaft’s own natural frequency. Torsional vibration robs power, fuel economy and causes engine wear. Continuous flexing of the crankshaft also causes metal fatigue and crank failure, much like bending a nail back and forth until it breaks.   

The Vibratech TVD viscous torsional damper is an American Made product that has taken the hard lessons learned at the racetrack and applied these lessons to the big rigs diesel engines. Vibratech TVD is a global leader in viscous damper manufacturing, engineering, and torsional vibration analysis for gas engines, diesel engines, and power train applications. If you have increased the power output of your truck now is the time to consider a high performance crankshaft damper.

Vibratech viscous dampers have been supporting the American trucking industry for over 70 years!

Why should I replace my engines crankshaft damper?

When it's time for a rebuild your intentions are to keep this engine running in a trouble free manner for an extended period of time. The cost of the rebuild is far less expensive than purchasing a new truck to do the same job. Rebuilds of a diesel engine now range from $14,000 to 24,000 dollars. A new crankshaft damper costs between $350.00 and $550.00 dollars. Without a properly functioning damper, the engines crankshaft is much more likely to break. Engine vibrations are effectively controlled by the crankshaft damper. Without a properly functioning damper, the entire engine and its components are now at risk. The failure of parts like the camshaft, accessory drive shaft, springs, flywheel bolts and flywheel housing are all signs the damper is no longer controlling the damaging torsional vibrations in an effective manner. You do not want anything shaking your engine, and you don’t want your engine shaking you. Increased driver fatigue has been proven to occur from increased engine vibrations. The smoother the engine, the longer you can drive it without getting fatigued.

OEM Crankshaft Damper Failure

This OEM damper was not changed during the engines rebuild.  Because the original crankshaft damper was not replaced at the time of the rebuild this lead to engine failure within two months.  The black patches indicate worn out silicone.  The silicone in a new Vibratech TVD damper is clear and gel-like in viscosity.  It is approx. 45,000 times thicker than 30w motor oil.

The Warning Signs of a Diesel Engine Crankshaft Damper that needs to be replaced:

  • Increase of in cab vibrations
  • Increase in the level of driver fatigue
  • Throwing or slapping of belts.
  • A Loss of torque and horsepower.
  • A Loss of fuel economy.
  • Broken accessory brackets or accessory drive gear wear.
  • Loosening or broken bolts.
  • Broken accessory brackets.
  • Excessive bearing wear.
  • Crankshaft failure.
  • The damper is now leaking.
  • Damper housing has dents or signs of abuse.
  • Damper housing is now bulging.

Your heavy duty diesel engine's crankshaft damper contributes to overall durability and efficiency of your diesel engine. A viscous vibration damper is an important mechanical engine component that contains a free rotating inertia ring encased in a thin layer of viscous silicone. As it controls destructive torsional vibration to prolong the life your engine, it will naturally wear out from normal operation. In over-the-road truck applications it is recommended to replace a viscous style damper every 500,000 to 750,000 miles, during in-frame and major overhauls, or according to your Owners Manual, whichever occurs first.

Regardless of mileage or time in service a viscous crankshaft damper should be replaced if:

  • The outer housing is dented.
  • There are any leaks around the housing weld.
  • There is bulging of the housing cover.
  • You have purchased a used truck and are unsure if the damper was ever replaced.

Viscous Crankshaft Damper Installed

The crankshaft damper is a vital mechanical engine component that contributes to overall engine durability and reliability. Routine crankshaft damper inspection and scheduled replacement every 500,000 to 750,000 miles in over-the-road trucking applications is highly recommended.

What happens when you do not replace your crankshaft damper

Vibratech Viscous Crankshaft Damper Care

Vibratech TVD recommends that you handle and install your new viscous crankshaft damper with care.  The Vibratech TVD viscous crankshaft damper is designed and built as a maintenance free engine component. In heavy-duty diesel engine applications, Vibratech TVD recommends viscous damper replacement every 500,000 miles / 15,000 hours, during in-frame or major overhauls, if any housing damage has occurred, or as recommended in the OEM Owner’s Manual, whichever occurs first.  If not replaced at the appropriate service interval, a worn viscous damper will lead to catastrophic engine failure.  Replacing the damper does not fix wear, or undue neglect of proper maintenance, to engine components. Unless otherwise specified, Vibratech TVD does not recommend or endorse the reuse of a viscous damper.  Vibratech TVD viscous dampers are computer balanced and hermetically sealed at the time of manufacturing.  Any tampering to the housing to recondition the damper may reduce its effectiveness and cause engine damage.  Vibratech TVD viscous dampers are steel constructed and may be properly disposed of at a recycling center.

Vibratech TVD has no connection or affiliation in any way with Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel or International Navistar (etc.) and/or their affiliates. Reference in this catalog to any trademarked product(s), name(s), or OEM numbers is intended for reference to the usage of that Vibratech TVD part. None of the Vibratech TVD products on this website were manufactured by the previously mentioned companies or their suppliers.

Vibratech TVD proudly produces these high performance diesel engine dampers in the USA! Vibratech TVD - Torsional Vibration Viscous Dampers

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