Fleetguard FS-2001 Fuel Water Separator For FASS Fuel Pumps

FASS FS-2001 Fuel Water Separator Filter


Fleetguard FS-2001 Fuel Water Separator for FASS Titanium and 95 Series Fuel Pumps

This Fleetguard FS19594 Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter application:

  • Fass Titanium Series Fuel Systems
  • Fass 95 Series Fuel Systems

Fleetguard FS-2001 Emulsified Water Separator Description:

  • Microlite Fuel/Water Separator Spin-on with Drain
  • Removes Emulsified water from your diesel fuel.
  • Removed Entrained water from your diesel fuel.
  • Filters fuel to a 20 Micron level.
  • Now the replacement water separator filter for the FASS WS-2001.
  • Removes the water in your diesel fuel.

KLM Performance recommends regularly draining this Fleetguard Fuel Water Separator to:

  • Remove the water contained within this filter.
  • Help to prevent freeze-ups in your vehicle fuel system during the winter months.
  • Prevent the growth of microorganisms with thin the filter.

This Emulsified Water Separator Filter has a recommended change interval of every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. The filter change interval is subject to the type and quality of fuel used. KLM Performance strongly recommends keeping a spare set of these FASS 95 Series / Titanium Series Filters in your vehicle at all times. Having an additional set of FASS 95 / Titanium Series Replacement Filters in your truck is far cheaper than calling for a tow!

FASS Titanium Series FS-2001 Emulsified Water Separator

  • engine
  • Flow Rate
  • Item Number FG FS19594
  • make
  • model
  • year
  • Manufacturer Part No FS19594
  • Product Application FASS Titanium and 95 Series Fuel Pumps
  • height 4
  • width 8
  • brand FASS
  • faq
  • Part Number
  • manufacturer Fleetguard
  • Beam Pattern
  • Product Note