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TJM 867OXS11000 24.2K Recovery Snatch Strap

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Product Application: Recovery Gear and Equipment
Item Number: TJM 867OXS11000
Manufacturer Part No: 867OXS11000

Condition: New

TJM 867OXS11000 244,200 Pound Recovery Snatch Strap offers a durable recovery strap that s built in Australia. With the highest quality materials, this premium quality recovery strap is made to absorb the shock of heavy pulls encountered with a vehicle recovery effort. If you're stuck on a slope, TJM Off-Road has you covered with these TJM Snatch Straps. Featuring 9 meters of tough nylon webbing with neoprene protectors, these straps are reinforced and thermofixed for long wear and strength. READ MORE >>
TJM OFF Road 867OXS11000 Vehicle Recovery Snatch Strap TJM OX Straps

This TJM OX Snatch Tow Strap measures 3" in x 30' ORANGE and is rated as a 24,200lbs snatch strap for Heavy Duty vehicle recovery.

What is a Recovery Strap?

A purpose built TJM recovery strap is designed to recover a vehicle from the current location it is now stuck in. This TJM Off Road nylon vehicle recovery strap has heavy duty reinforced loops on each end of the strap , and can be used for both towing AND recovery operations.

The 867OXS11000 Recovery Strap is a must have in any vehicle recovery kit. The combination of vehicle pull and the tension in the strap creates a "snatching" effect that can pull a stranded vehicle free from the most severe conditions. These TJM Snatch Straps are made solely in Australia, using only the highest quality manufacturing processes and materials. During a vehicle recovery effort extreme kinetic energy is generated and transmitted thru the strap. To ensure the highest level of personal safety these TJM pull straps are designed to break before reaching excessive and dangerous loads above and beyond the strap rating. The TJM OX Strap is one of the safest straps on the market.
The TJM Tow Strap in ORANGE is rated for 24,200 pounds for Heavy Duty vehicle recovery
TJM Off Road Vehicle Recovery 867OXS11000 Strap Product Features:

  •     Made in Australia
  •     Dual neoprene protective sleeves
  •     Reinforced eyelets on both ends
  •     High visibility ORANGE color
  •     Clearly identifiable breaking strength is indicated on each strap
  •     Each strap serial numbered for quality control
  •     Length: 9 meters
  •     Width: 75 mm
  •     Material 100% premium nylon
  •     Stretch: Genuine 20%

NOTE: For Safe and Effective Vehicle Recovery bigger is not better when it comes to snatch straps. With all recovery straps there is a chance of severe danger! You must match the load rating of the strap to the lightest of the two vehicles being used in the recovery.
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